Border Wall: As impenetrable as Trump thinks?

Throughout his campaign and his time in office, President Trump has continuously said that the wall will be built and that it will be impenetrable. A man in Kentucky recently built a replica of the border wall to test that theory.

Rick Weber in Rogers, Kentucky recently constructed a replica section of the wall using the official dimensions of the wall and pictures. Weber founded the Muir Valley rocking climbing park and recently told TIME magazine, “You don’t tell a bona fide rock climber something’s impossible to climb.”

The replica officially stands at 18-feet with a 60-inch plate at the top. In some places, the wall will be as high as 30 feet on the border.

The most impressive climber of this wall? An eight year old girl who didn’t use any safety ropes or other tools. She only wore a safety harness to climb the 18 foot replica.

One climber claims that she did it in 21 seconds free climbing and in 30 seconds with a rope. Keelan Utzinger said,”I did it in 21 seconds free-climbing and then 30 seconds with the rope.” “But, I feel like the rope is something that anyone could get up and over it with.”

Weber has even claimed that the certain modifications of the wall like the gaps and grabbing the panel’s edge makes climbing the wall simple. If they were no gaps, according to Weber, it would be a lot more difficult to climb the wall.

President Trump recently said on a visit to the wall construction site, ” So it’s a very powerful, very powerful wall — the likes of which, probably, to this extent, has not been built before.” The president is obviously convinced that the wall cannot be climbed.

If it’s so impossible, then why are people easily doing it in Kentucky on Weber’s model?

Many people have made visits to Kentucky to try their hand at the replica wall. Will these feats by experienced climbers cause President Trump to modify his “unbeatable” wall?

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