Are People Paying Attention to ICE raids?

ICE raids became a hot topic of debate in early July this year. President Trump announced to the nation that significant ICE operations would get underway in large U.S. cities.

ICE raids captivated the nation for nearly two months, but now large raids aren’t occurring as often as they were. So, are people paying attention to ICE raids anymore?

Last week I brought to light the recent ICE operations in Chicago that drew incredible backlash from Chicago residents. Many people took to protesting the actions of the ICE against immigrants because of the Chicago police being forced to get involved.

Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty Images

An interesting story that came out today is that the ICE is apparently using fake Facebook accounts to try to arrest illegal immigrants. According to certain sources, this isn’t the first time the ICE has used Facebook to try and arrest immigrants.

In 2015, the ICE used Facebook to try and catch students in Michigan. These actions by the ICE actually violates Facebook’s rules. The rules do not allow the running of accounts with fake names or accounts that mislead people.

That was one of the first major ICE operations since the Mississippi raids in August. The ICE has been around since after the 9/11 attacks, but no one has paid attention to it more until President Trump took office.

This is because of President Trump’s stand on immigration and his plan to build a border wall. Using google trends, this is how much people have been searching about ICE raids.

This is a graph of how often people have googled, ICE raids. As you can clearly see, it has gone up because of Trump’s announcement in July and the raids in August.

The following graph is the amount of times that people googled ICE raids since Trump took office in January 2017.

As you can see, not many people really looked at ICE raids before July of this year. This is not as surprising as one might think because the media didn’t truly start covering ICE raids as much until this summer.

That’s it for this week’s ICE raids update.

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